About Me

Writer / Director / Cinematographer / Photographer



Anthony Richards, President and owner of IMAGE SIGHT & SOUND, a full service multi media production company, that creates, produces, and develops content, for third party distributors (i.e., film studios, television networks, internet web sites, DVD distributors, corporate and community organizations). I have always had a passion for entertainment. My love for cinema started around age 8 with me insisting to be both the cameraman and projectionist on father’s 8mm camera and projector. My additional love of music lead me into music production, were I had modest success, but it wasn’t until I was asked to provide music for a film that I reconnected with my love of cinema. It was at that point, I decided, I wanted to learn how to make films to become a writer / director. I got an internship and Film Video Arts, where I was allowed to take classes for free, which allowed me to work on many film sets learning the in and outs, in a hands on manner. I started teaching, introductory courses, and later when on to shoot and produce projects for clients. I was hired by the multi media department at Turner Broadcasting Sales, where we created content for Turner sale force, I then when on to become one of a handful of DVD / Interactive Authoring specialist, in NYC. Since then  I have gone on  to write produce, shoot, and direct several projects, shorts and music videos under my own company’s banner Image Sight & Sound


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