Why Focused

Why Imsofocused ?

I’m so Focused because success isn’t guaranteed. I define FOCUS as Following One Course Until Successful. Doing nothing will accomplish nothing. In order to accomplish ones goals, your thoughts, attention and efforts must be directed to the completion of whatever you goal is. The dictionary defines focus as: (1) A central point, of attention. (2) Activity to concentrate: to focus one’s thoughts.  As a director of photography, focus means adjusting an optical device to produce a clear and sharp image, bringing attention to a point of interest in a film or photograph. Just like a photograph, your goals must be clear, precise and sharp. They can’t be undefined, blurry, or hard to see. If a goal is hard to visualize, how could it ever come to fruition? I am big believer in self-actualization, the power of positive thinking, and the law of attraction, which is why I created this site. Imsofocused is a place where I can journal my efforts, while traveling this road to my dreams and a place where I can post videos, words, and teachings that give me encouragement, and hopefully will give you the same.

Thank You.

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